American Diner

Here’s one of my first 3D creations : the exterior architecture of an american-inspiration restaurant, a so-called traditional American Diner. I firstly wanted to achieve this scene because I personally love this typical american architecture movement which was highly popular in the 50’s and the 60’s : the Googie Architecture. This trend brought one of the US most popular symbol : Diners, which, at that time, started to grow along the roads, offering drivers a pause for a few minutes, just the time they could hope for a quick and cheap lunch taken in a colorful and noisy atmosphere.

Before I begin the modeling, I searched for representative elements I could add to the scene : the rounded shapes of the Diner, the neon lights running along the structure, the sign positioned so that automobilists could see it from afar…

If I could do the scene once again, from modeling to lighting, I would certainly add more details such as a parking lot and maybe some fences to delimit the place. Nonetheless, I really like the uncluttered and clean look this scene has, especially at night. Therefore, I would see this creation as a personal and simple interpretation of an idea, rather than a truly realistic work.

Realisation date
January 2013
Rendering time
Approximately 45 minutes for each image
Software(s) used
Cinema4D + Photoshop

Some night renders, with the lights on.

Bonus scene : a small gas station, built in the same architecture style.