Road trip through Western US

In summer 2011, my family and I travelled across the Western part of America, from Las Vegas to San Francisco.

We landed in the Sin City, then we went to see some american National Parks such as Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon. After that, we headed to west coast, from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The United States are a great country to visit since it offers, whether it is their west part or not, lots of greats landscapes, huge cities with skyscrapers and large, straight streets (which we do not really have in Europe). Plus, Americans are really friendly and welcoming.

Even though Las Vegas is a nice town to visit and experience, whether you want to walk down the Strip (the main street which you see above) or lose all your savings in the casinos, you might want to escape the city’s effervescence and craziness. That’s what we did by heading towards Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon is located in the south of Utah and is really natural and peaceful, with its hotel that looks like a mountain lodge. The place consists of hundreds of rocks peaks. You can do sightseeing or decide to go down explore the canyon.

Then, we continued to Lake Powell, an artificial lake across Arizona and Utah. The post cover photo was taken there, before a great storm showed up.

In Utah again, we then visited Monument Valley, home of the Navajo people. The place is known worldwide since lots of Western movies (starring John Wayne for many of them) were shot there. Therefore, when you get there, you obviously think of indians being chased by cowboys, riding their horses throughout these gorgeous landscapes.

After Monument Valley came the Grand Canyon, and the road between.

The Grand Canyon is also a well known location in the Western US. The Colorado river flows at the bottom and has carved the rocks around for year, giving this typical canyon shape to the place.

We finished our trip with San Francisco. The thirteenth city of the US (in population) has a european feel exuding mainly from its rich architecture. You’ll have a lot to do if you decide to visit the city, starting by its piers.