Dramatic Isle of Skye

During my trip in Scotland, I had the chance to visit the Isle of Skye, a large island located in the west part of Scotland. The place features everything Scotland has to offer in terms of landscapes, therefore it truly embodies the nation’s diversity.

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July 2016

Sony Alpha 7 + Neewer Battery Grip + Minolta MD 50mm f/2.0 + Minolta MD 28mm f/2.8

Software(s) used
Photoshop Camera RAW

I started my journey in Portree, the island’s main city, a nice little fishing harbour from where depart buses that will drive you throughout the isle.

The two following photos I think go well together, as they both represent how sunset light can shape the landscape, nicely emphasizing certain areas, while bringing shadow to others.

The first day on the Isle Of Skye consisted of a comprehensive tour of the island, lead by a great guide who had great gaelic music tastes. Traditional songs played all day long on the van’s speakers, as we visited the Kilt Rock (right below), the Quiraing, and some other interesting points of the island.

The Quiraing mountain is well known for its tortuous road that eventually allows you to admire this misty (the day I was there at least), gorgeous landscape.

Around noon, our guide drove us to a nice place made of mid-size hills where sheeps were peacefully enjoying their meal.

Here are two last shots that nicely blend together, demonstrating once again the variety of lights and weather you may come across as you visit Skye.