Modern Loft

I think what I prefer to model, texture, light and render is architecture. Whether it is buildings such as a Diner or interior like my Sci-Fi Tunnel, I like the fact that 3D gives you the possibility to create pretty much everything. This time I’ve decided to build the interior of a loft you could find in New York for instance.

From the day I’ve started to use Cinema4D, I felt really confortable with this truly intuitive software. Plus, architecture does not obviously require a high skill level in 3D production, since many buildings and constructions are made of simple square, rectangular, or rounded shapes, shrinking rendering times quite a lot.

For this scene, I firstly had in mind an industrial interior, made of parquet floor, brick wall, and vertical, large windows and huge black curtain. Then, what was at the origin an empty space became a Loft as I filled the room with furnitures and various modern objects.

“Sssshhh” painting by Deborah Azzopardi

Realisation date
June 2013
Rendering time
25 minutes for each image
Software(s) used
Cinema4D + Photoshop