Pointe du Grouin

The Pointe du Grouin is a rocky point located in one of the northernmost of Brittany in France. It is a stunning location where nature expresses itself. Sea and earth meet, sometimes quite violently, in which case you may experience great storms here.

June 2015
Sony Alpha 7 + Minolta MD 50mm f/2.0
Software(s) used
Photoshop Camera RAW + AnalogExif

I was there with some friends and we decided to climb down the rocks to get to the temporary beach (because of the tides) at the bottom of the Pointe du Grouin. This point is not easy to reach and the route to get to the very bottom is sporty. Nonetheless, when you get there, you’re almost certain to be alone, which is great.

Just don’t forget to climb back up, or you’ll be surrounded by sea after a certain period of time (usually the end of the afternoon). Despite this fact, it’s a great location to shoot !