Subway Station

Here is certainly my biggest 3D creation so far. It took me a few months to build this subway station. I live in France, and therefore I’ve been to Paris many times where I felt the particular atmosphere that exudes from the underground, so I decided that I would design my own station.

Since I had never seen one in 3D and I liked its rounded ceiling, I thought that building a Paris-Subway-inspiration station would be the best. I named it Réaumur Sébastopol, which is the name of a real station, however, my work is not a perfect copy of this station.

I tried to add as many elements as possible in order to make the scene realistic. What’s missing now is a train for sure !

Realisation date
July, August and September 2014
Rendering time
45 minutes for each render at least
Software(s) used
Cinema4D + Photoshop