UI/UX Project #2 : Gastron’Home

I recently took part to a school project consisting in the creation of a fictitious (yet doable) startup project, called Gastron’Home. The overall idea is to get famous french chefs (and eventually coming from all around the world) to cook for you and your guests.

I was in charge of creating a total of 6 mockups (designed for iPhone 6) so that people willing to know more about the project get a better idea of how it could work on the digital side. The whole thing was pretty challenging, as it was my biggest UI/UX project so far, and needed to be as clean and professional-looking as possible. I do think that such challenges help you understand how an interaction designer works everyday, and most importantly, that it’s not all about aestheticism, colors and beautiful typos, but that all of this has to answer to very special needs : those of the user, efficiently and easily.

Our website introducing our fictitious project is available trough this link, where you’ll get to know more about how it could work in reality.

I want to say big thanks to the team of 4 I’ve been working with on this demanding, yet very enriching, project !