US Delivery Truck

One day, I decided that it was time to design a 3D vehicle. I then started to think about an iconic one that could be interesting to model : the traditional american delivery truck. These lorries have been used for decades, mainly in the US and in Canada, for Post Services and all kinds of delivery services. I like the simplicity of their forms, and the fact that they’re not commercialized by a special manufacturer.

I made two version of the truck, one for Fedex and the other one for UPS, the typical companies which utilize this vehicle, I put them on a simple concrete floor and I think they look nice the way they’re displayed !

However, after a moment, I also decided to do a few renders with my Diner and a simple country background, because I thought they would match nicely.

Realisation date
February 2013
Rendering time
Approximately 15 minutes for each image, 30 minutes with the Diner behind
Software(s) used
Cinema4D + Photoshop

Bonus scene : The US Delivery Truck and the Diner